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A Luxurious Day Out – The etSETOra Train and the SEA SPICA Cruise

Enjoy a memorable round trip from Kure by combining a journey on the lavish etSETOra train with the SEA SPICA cruise ship. You will travel overland along Kure’s enchanting coastline and back across the water, sailing past the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

The etSETOra Train
After boarding the etSETOra sightseeing train at Kure Station, you can sit back and relax as the train makes its way at a gentle pace along the coastline to Mihara Station. From there it’s a short walk to the SEA SPICA cruise ship that will take you over the water back to Kure.

The train journey from Kure to Mihara lasts just under two hours – more than enough time to appreciate everything the train has to offer. As well as taking in the picture-perfect views of the Setouchi rolling past your window, the etSETOra also offers a range of beautifully crafted dessert sets created by famous confectioners from Kure and Hiroshima. Make sure to reserve one if you want to make your journey extra special. Pictured is the dessert set ‘Seto-no-Kobako (wa)’.

*You need to reserve the ‘Seto-no-Kobako (wa)’ at least three days before your journey. You can book the dessert set when you book your ticket for etSETOra.
After arriving in Mihara, you’ll see signs at the station pointing you towards the second leg of the journey – the SEA SPICA. The SEA SPICA pier is a simple 8-minute walk from the Mihara Station.

Like the etSETOra, the SEA SPICA has an eastward route and a westward route. The westward route goes from Mihara to Hiroshima, stopping off at Rabbit Island (Okunoshima), Mitarai and Kure Port.

From its spacious seating on the upper deck to the comfortable airconditioned interior, the SEA SPICA has been designed from the bottom up to enrich your Setouchi cruise experience.
Mitarai, Osaki Shimojima
During the cruise, you will have the chance to disembark for one hour and walk around the picturesque harbor town of Mitarai. Located on the famous citrus island of Osaki Shimojima, Mitarai has been designated as a Japan Heritage Site and a historical preservation district. You’ll see architecture stretching from the Edo period (1603-1868) right through to the early Showa era (1926–1989). Walking the streets of Mitarai will feel like stepping back in time.

As soon as you disembark the boat, you’ll find a shop stand near the pier selling a variety of locally-made products. If you buy one thing on this day out, make sure it’s Atsuka’s Marmalade. This delicious marmalade is handmade by a delightful group of local octogenarians who use the island’s celebrated citrus fruit in their award-winning creations.

Ondo-no-Seto & The JMSDF Naval Base
Before reaching Kure, the Sea Spica passes through the narrow waterway at Ondo-no-Seto and under its two famous arched bridges. When Kure Port comes into view, the captain will slow down the ship to a crawl near the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Naval Base. This is a great opportunity to snap pictures of the frigates and submarines sitting in dock.


Alley Karasukojima
Back in Kure Port
The train station is a short 6-minute walk over a covered concourse from Kure Port. Before you rush to the train, head to the fifth-floor observation deck of the Kure Central Pier Terminal for a panoramic view of Kure Harbor. You can use the binoculars to observe the enormous container ships being constructed in Kure’s famous dockyards.

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