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The Joys of Cycling

Setting off on a bicycle to experience the beauty and culture of Etajima

You will be amazed at Etajima’s efficient and user-friendly rental bike system. Simply book a bicycle online or over the phone and pick it up on the day. The prices are very reasonable. The bike pictured is an electronically assisted bicycle (E-assist Mini Velo). With its electronic motor, the hill climbs suddenly become a whole lot easier.

If you take the bicycle back to your starting point, they will return your 1,000 yen deposit. If you want to drop the bike off somewhere else, you have seven different drop-off points around Etajima to choose from.
Riding Next to the Sea
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cyclist, there is a cycle route for you in Etajima. There are a variety of routes ranging from flat courses to challenging hill climbs. Light traffic and only a handful of traffic lights make Etajima a great cycling destination. Feel the refreshing breeze coming off the sea as you cycle along Etajima’s coastline. When you cycle, always be sure to check your speed, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.
Stopping for a Break on Nagase Beach
Nagase Beach located near Etajima Harbor is famous for its gentle waves and clear water. People come to this long stretch of sandy beach with its fantastic views for sea kayaking, SUP and other marine sports. It’s also a wonderful place to stop and simply relax next to the sea.
Fresh Seafood Lunch
If you’re looking for fresh seafood and you love sashimi, look no further than the delightful Umibeno Shinsen Ichiba restaurant. The most popular item on the menu is the sashimi lunch set. Simply choose your sashimi and load your tray with freshly prepared sea bream soup, sea bream rice and other side dishes. If possible, grab one of the window seats to enjoy an unimpeded view of the Seto Inland Sea while you dine.
The Etajima Naval Academy Tour
For a fun, quick excursion during your cycling trip, book a tour at the Etajima JMSDF Naval Academy. Be prepared for a culture shock! As soon as you step through the front gates, bows turn into salutes, and everyone is dressed in pristine naval uniforms. The century-old ceremonial hall and red brick buildings were especially noteworthy. See the link below for contact and booking information.

JMSDF Etajima Naval Academy:
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