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Cycle Around Etajima Island and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are so many delicious shops and restaurants in Etajima and some serve mouthwatering desserts and cakes. Etajima’s famous rental bike system is a great way to travel around the island and take in the sights. Don’t forget to visit Etajima’s wonderful hot spring onsens to relax after your ride!

Pick up a rental bike at Nakamachi Port
Etajima’s long-running rental bike system is both convenient and inexpensive. It is a wonderful way to travel around the island and really get a feel for the countryside. After booking online, you can pick up your bike and either decide to return it to the same location or choose from a number of other ‘stations’ to drop it off at the end of your journey.

When you cycle, always be sure to check your speed, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.
Shima-no-eki MAMEGASHIMA
Our first stop was the Shima-no-eki MAMEGASHIMA. This popular destination in Etajima offers a wide range of soy and tofu products along with souvenirs and local vegetables.

One of their most popular items is their soy soft serve ice cream. Unlike other shops, you have to pour the ice cream into the cone yourself and there’s a catch: you only get one attempt so no room for errors!
Tektek Satsumaimo
This shop’s delicious range of sweet potato cakes are growing in popularity year on year. It started as a project to make use of old farmland around the island that was becoming wild and fallow. Now these plots of land produce all the sweet potatoes the shop needs to create their sweet potato cakes - and they are flying off the shelves! There were so many customers coming in and out, photo opportunities in the shop were hard to come by!


Coffee Roast Sereno
This newly-opened coffee shop is a godsend to all coffee lovers. The owners relocated from Tokyo to return to their hometown in Etajima and started this delightful roast coffee café. They offer imported beans from all over world (over 40 countries) and roast them onsite to order.

I ordered the coffee and dessert set and some coffee beans to take home. By the time I finished the coffee and dessert, my coffee beans were roasted, packed and ready to go. The aroma coming out of the shop was incredible.
Hot Spring Onsen at Etajimasou
What better way to finish the day than by soaking in a luxurious hot spring bath. At Etajimasou Hot Spring Hotel, you can pay to use the hot spring onsen facilities even if you are not a guest at the hotel. The healing waters at Etajimasou will leave you feeling rejuvenated and silky smooth skin. As well as a spacious indoor and outdoor bath, they also have a special mist sauna.

Also, no problem if you do not have a towel, they have small face towels and bath towels available to buy for 100 yen and 350 yen respectively.
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