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“Bayside Beach Saka” for couples to visit

“Bayside Beach Saka” has become a year-round destination for swimming and enjoying the beach as well as marine sports, dining, shopping, and much more.

I will introduce spots perfect for dating.

Bayside Beach Saka
This is a quiet sandy beach about 1.2 km long, which is the closest one to Hiroshima City.
In summer, you can enjoy swimming as well as beach sports and marine sports.
From the beach, you can see ferries and ships coming and going and the sun setting over the Seto Inland Sea.
On the beach site, “mont•bell,” “MABUI,” and “LION BURGER” opened in April 2023, making it a facility that can be enjoyed all year round.

Bayside Beach Saka
mont•bell Bayside Beach Saka Store
The store offers a full lineup of about 3,000 types of outdoor goods, including camping, bicycles, canoes and kayaks, not to mention mountaineering equipment!
Some items are available only here.
T-shirts with an illustration of the sunset view from the “Bayside Beach Saka” are available in white and navy blue. You can buy T-shirts in matching colors or in different colors.

mont•bell Bayside Beach Saka Store
Hiroshima Oyster Bar MABUI
hen you get hungry, go to “MABUI” where oyster dishes are available all year round.
I recommend “assorted raw oysters,” ordered from all over Japan.
You can choose between three or five kinds.
If you want to eat seafood, try “seafood paella,” which is limited to 30 meals.
The flavor of shrimp, mussels, oysters, and other seafood is concentrated in this dish and it is very satisfying!
I recommend sharing your dishes on the terrace while enjoying the view of the sea.
Also, be sure to check out “LION BURGER,” which is attached to “MABUI.”
This is an authentic hamburger shop from Hiroshima.
You can enjoy eight kinds of burgers, including teriyaki burgers and cheeseburgers.
The 100% beef patties are juicy and hearty!
You can order take out or eat in the shop.
Think I will buy a couple for tonight’s dinner♪
Kayak Experience
You can enjoy “Kayak Experience” only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays from September to November and from April to June.
Anyone from the first grade elementary school students to adults can participate!
The instructor will instruct you on the basics, so even beginners can enjoy kayaking easily.
You can choose from a one-person kayak or a two-person kayak, whichever you prefer.
You can experience kayaking even if you go empty-handed, but it is better to bring a swimsuit, a change of clothes, and sandals because you will get wet.
Changing rooms and shower rooms are available next to mont•bell store.

*When children of junior high school age or younger participate, one adult per child is required to participate.
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