Seaside Fun at Kurahashi – Kure’s Treasure Island

Kure Hands-on Experience

Kurahashijima Island, located on the southernmost point of Hiroshima Prefecture, is connected to the rest of Kure by the Ondo-no-Seto Bridge. This allows for access by bus or car. One appealing aspect of Kurahashijima is its sea and coastline. Katsuragahama Beach in the south of the island is famed for its crystal-clear waters. The beach was named in “Japan’s 100 Best Beaches” and the Man’yōshū (the oldest surviving collection of Japanese poetry compiled during the Nara period) even comments on its beauty.


Umi-no-AJITO Sonoura Stonefield
Stay at the campsite or the guesthouse and enjoy marine activities. They offer cruises, fishing trips, rental boats and other services throughout the year.
For more information, please visit their website:
Address: 4320-1 Sunoura Kurahashicho Kure
Telephone: 0823-53-2005


Marine Club Carp Boat
Rent a campervan or park your own. You can also enjoy a full barbecue. They offer an array of rental equipment such as sea kayaks, SUPs, boats, and buggies for fun in the sea.
For more information, visit their website:
Address: 123-1 Imegi, Kurahashicho, Kure (on Google Maps, search for 30-6 Sainoki, Kurahashicho, Kure).
Telephone: 080-6347-1173