Now That’s Instagrammable! Kamagari’s Dome Cottages

Kure Spot of Interest

The dome cottages on Kenmin-no-Hama beach, the biggest in Hiroshima Prefecture, opened in 2018. Stay with family or friends and take in the views and atmosphere of the Seto Inland Sea. The cottages are popular among cyclists riding the Tobishima Kaido route and there is space to store your bicycle inside. There are dome cottages that sleep two and cottages that sleep four. They also offer a fully prepared barbecue service where you can turn up with nothing and still enjoy a barbecue by the sea. The adjacent hot spring onsen, Yasuragi-no-Yakata, is a natural hot spring bath that draws its water from 500 meters underground. A perfect way to refresh your body and soul.
You can also book large wooden cottages that sleep five and ten people at a time, which are also located inside the Kenmin-no-Hama resort.


Check in 3pm. Check out 10am.
(Dome cottages)
・ Sleeps two (one available). Prices from 10,000 yen upwards.
・ Sleeps four (two available). Prices from 16,000 yen upwards.
(Wooden cottages)
・ Sleeps 10 (two available). Prices from 27,000 yen upwards.
・ Sleeps 5 (three available). Prices from 18,000 yen upwards.
Different price plans apply for in-season stays and dates preceding public holidays.
For more information, please refer to the Kenmin-no-Hama website.

Address 7605 Oura, Kamagari-cho, Kure (Inside the Kenmin-no-Hama)
Telephone 0823-66-1177 (Kenmin-no-Hama)