Sannose Gohonjin Art & Culture Museum – Permanent Exhibition of Works by Kunitaro Suda

Kure Spot of Interest

The former lodgings for the Tsushima Clan who acted as guides for the Korean envoys during the Edo period (1603-1868) were restored and converted into the Sannose Gohonjin Art & Culture Museum. In front of the building, an impressive stone “gangi” stepped pier leading to the sea point to the importance of the town as a hub for people and goods travelling through the Seto Inland Sea.

In the museum, you can view works by the master painter Kunitaro Suda and his associates. Suda was a master of the Kyoto school of western style painting during the first half of the twentieth century. For a full cultural experience in Sannose, combine a visit to the Sannose Gohonjin Art & Culture Museum with a trip to the Rantokaku Art Museum with its extensive collection of Japanese art.

Address 311 Shimokamagarichō SannoseKure, Hiroshima
Telephone 0823-70-8008