The Streets of Ondo (Ondo Ginza Street)

Kure Spot of Interest

The narrow strait of water at Ondo is often referred to as the “Setouchi Ginza” due to the numerous ships that pass through this thin body of water every day. The old town of Ondo that once prospered as a trading port is located at the foot of the Ondo Ohashi Bridge that traverses the tiny strait. The town and its streets still hold their old-world charm, lending it the nickname “Ondo Ginza Street”.

The elegant café and bakery renovated from an old kimono shop is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. As you walk through Ondo’s narrow alleys with its rows of traditional Japanese houses, you will really get a sense of what life is like in the Seto Inland Sea.

From the shore, you can ride the Ondo Ferry – Japan’s shortest ferry route – to Kegoya District on the other side of the strait. From the Ondo-no-Seto Park on the hill, you can enjoy great views of the Ondo Ohashi Bridge and the whole of the Ondo-no-Seto.

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