Greenpia Setouchi

Spot of Interest

Greenpia Setouchi is a resort hotel located in the Seto Inland Sea and surrounded by picturesque mountains and sweeping views of the sea. Greenpia Setouchi’s outdoor bathing facilities also provide great views of the sea and offer guests the chance to experience special “lemon baths” made with Hiroshima’s famous citrus. The resort’s outdoor swimming pool is open during the summer months, and they also offer exercise facilities – making this an ideal location for training camps and tour groups. The resort makes full use of its 817-acre estate, offering workshops and activities such as sea kayaking, air ballooning, and oyster harvesting. The resort is also popular for its delicious cuisine made from fresh local ingredients.



Address 326-48 Yasuurachō Ōaza Mitsuguchi, Kure, Hiroshima 737-2502
Telephone 0823-84-0262