Etajima Kure Hands-on Experience

The Kure area has two cycling courses, the 96 kilometer Akinada Tobishima Cycling Road which connects Kure City and Okamurajima, Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, and the 74 kilometer Kakishima (islands for oysters)Cycling Road.
The Akinada Tobishima Cycling Road spans seven islands connected by seven bridges and cyclists can enjoy sightseeing spots and picturesque views of the sea and the bridges along the route.
The Kakishima Cycling Road stretches from Kure station out to Kirikushi port on Etajima Island, so it takes almost a full day. You might be lucky enough to see submarines of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces and Ondo ferry which is Japan’s shortest regular boat ride.
Every year in November a big cycling event, Akinada Tobishima Sea Route Orange Ride, is held and lots of participants coming from all over Japan enjoy cycling along the Akinada Tobishima Cycling Road.
Please come to enjoy cycling in the Kure area which is blessed with natural beauty of the sea and numerous dotting islands.