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Diary #7

A Day Out in Saka Town

You can reach Saka easily by car or train from Hiroshima City or Kure City.
There are all sorts of fun things to do on Saka’s sandy beach and in the surrounding hills.

Bayside Beach Saka
JR Mizushiri Station on the Kure Line is a stone’s throw away from Bayside Beach Saka - one of the longest beaches in western Japan. Whether you’re into watersports, beach sports or just relaxing with friends, Bayside Beach Saka is the place to come for a fun day at the seaside. It’s comfortable and convenient too, with changing rooms and bathroom facilities dotted along the entire length of the 1,200-meter-long beach.

Bayside Beach Saka (Japanese):
Beach Tennis
Looking for a fun activity on Bayside Beach Saka? Look no further than beach tennis.
You’ll find beach tennis enthusiasts meeting regularly at Bayside Beach Saka on weekends. The group is led by a professional tennis player and all are welcome including beginners. In fact, they offer special lessons just for beginners. Contact the site below for more details.

Beach Tennis (Japanese):
Restaurant Carib
A great place to come if you want a pleasant view of the sea with your lunch or dinner.
Carib’s head chef creates original menus with seasonal ingredients. Because the menu changes with each season, no two visits to Carib will ever be the same.

Restaurant Carib (Japanese):
Zenpan Bagels
This bagel shop only opened nine years ago, but it has become one of the most popular bakeries in the region. People travel from neighboring prefectures to get their hands on Zenpan’s delicious creations. The owner, Oride-san, only uses the highest quality ingredients to make his signature bagels that are both tasty and healthy. This charming little shop is well worth a visit. They also accept orders online.

Zenpan (Japanese):
Trekking in Saka – The Moriyama Route
If you fancy a hike through the hills, you can explore some of Saka’s walking trails. They vary in length and the hiking trail pictured, the Moriyama Route, takes about two hours. You will find observation decks with fantastic views along the trails, making it all worth the effort. You can pick up maps at Saka’s walking center or online. Please check the status of walking routes online or at the walking center before setting off and wear correct clothing.

Saka Town Walking Map (Japanese):
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