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A memorable road trip to Etajima City

Etajima City is rich in nature and offers many attractions including gourmet food and spectacular scenery.

Many spots are equipped with spacious parking lots, making Etajima a perfect destination for a drive.

Today, I will enjoy the entire city of Etajima on a one-day road trip♡

The journey begins here.
After getting off the Hayase Ohashi Bridge, the gateway to Etajima City, you will find a stylish building by the sea!
The garden terrace overlooking the sea is very attractive.
Ordering a takeout of a rice bowl topped with fresh local seafood, a drink, and sweets, I started my road trip to Etajima City!

Tenguiwa Rock
This is a spectacular spot in Etajima City.
This has been a filming location for movies and commercials.
Beyond the strangely shaped rocks, you can see the blue sea and the city of Kure.
Feeling the breeze of the Seto Inland Sea as you gaze at the spectacular view below, you just might feel like the main character in a movie!?
Etajima Oyster Factory, OYSTER CAFE ETAJIMA
Etajima City is known for “oysters”!
This is an oyster processing factory that just opened in June 2023.
You can take a tour of the factory, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology.
At the cafe, you can enjoy the chef’s exquisite cuisine, including various oyster dishes!
There is also a terrace with a nice view, where a BBQ (reservations required, from 10 people or more) is available.

This coffee shop, with its impressive golden gorilla figurine, was renovated from an old folk house.
It offers lunch, coffee, and even lodging.
You can relax in the at-home, nostalgic atmosphere.
You may find yourself lingering here for a while...
The colorful cream soda is sure to look great in photos!

Iruka Beach
Lastly, I looked out over the ocean and reflected on the day’s memories.
This is a popular swimming spot with accommodations available nearby.
The white sandy beach stretches for 500 meters.
On clear days, you can watch the sun set over the horizon of Hiroshima Bay.
Relax and unwind from the day’s fatigue while enjoying the sound of the waves.

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