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Enjoy Kure’s gourmet food! Spectacular views and souvenir hunting

Kure City is rich in local cuisine such as Kure cold noodles, bread, and local sake!
Today, I will visit some of the gourmet restaurants loved by local residents.

Melon Pan Main Store
The first destination is the main store of “Melon Pan,” a Kure specialty that has been popular since before World War II.
The turquoise exterior of the store is so cute that you can’t help taking pictures.
Not only tourists but also local residents frequently visit.
Don’t miss the popular bread such as “Melon Pan” filled with special cream, “Kureshi Pan,” and “Heiwa Pan”!

Melon Pan
Kure Cold Noodles
The next thing I wanted to check out is Kure cold noodles.
It features flat noodles topped with soft char siu pork and cucumbers.
Today I went to “Chinraiken” in Hondori, Kure City.
The slippery texture and sweet and sour taste were so addictive that I found myself finishing it in no time at all!
No wonder people wait in line.
Next, I went to the cafe on the second floor of Kure Central Pier Terminal.
The stylish interior and the views through the large windows are beautiful♡
Drinks, sweets, and snacks using citrus fruits from the Setouchi area are available.
When the weather is nice, you can dine on the terrace!
I recommend spending a relaxing time while gazing at the sea in Kure.
*Citrus fruit production areas vary depending on the season.
Enoki Shuzo Brewery
This sake brewery is located in Ondo-cho, about 40 minutes by bus from JR Kure Station.
A friendly, smiling woman welcomed me.
Enoki Shuzo’s “Kijoshu 10-year-aged old sake” is a famous sake that was served at the G7 Hiroshima Summit.
Here, you can enjoy tasting sake and touring the brewery.
During Kurabiraki (Sake Festival), events are held and many people visit the brewery.

Enoki Shuzo Brewery
Ten Jin An
The last destination is here, Ten Jin An, where you can enjoy meals and souvenir hunting.
This is a traditional folk house cafe renovated from a 140-year-old building that was a kimono shop.
You can enjoy dishes made with a variety of herbs and Ondo chirimen (dried young sardines), and sweets and drinks cooked based on the concept of “Shindofuji (local and seasonal foods are good for health)” and “Chisan-chisho (local production for local consumption).”
The tasteful miscellaneous goods, food, and clothing and accessories will surely be appreciated as souvenirs!

Ten Jin An
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