Sea Kayaking Experience

Kure Hands-on Experience

Sea kayaking in Kenmin no Hama is a popular activity. You can glide sleekly over the clear ocean surface, looking at many beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea. 

Kenmin no Hama is such a quiet bay that anyone from kids to adults can have a wonderful, safe experience and also enjoy a completely different view from the one on land. 

Give it a try! Sea kayaking will take you far from the world of the every day life. 

Accommodations are available, such as “Kagayaki no Yakata” and “Cottage Kamagari”. You can enjoy other activities, including the hot spring facility “Yasuragi no Yakata” and the astronomical observation museum. Seaweed salt-making with ancient pottery can also be enjoyed as a hands-on experience. 

To participate in the activities, reservations are required.

Address 8160 Ohira, Kamagari cho, Kure city, Hiroshima Pref.
Telephone 0823-66-1166
Closed Closed on Tuesdays