Former Navy’s Japan Heritage Tour with Kure Tour Guide Volunteers

Kure Hands-on Experience

The Kure Tour Guide Volunteer Association will guide you by route bus to the former Navy’s heritage sites recognized as Japan Heritage, telling various stories about the sites based on a motto of “hospitality”.

Dates: Every Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays (except Dec. 29 to Jan. 3) *Reservations not required

Time: 10:40 AM –

Pickup point: In front of the Screw Monument in front of Kure Station

Participation fee: Free of charge

*Please purchase the One-Day Kure Pass in advance available at the Kure Tourist Information Plaza and other locations.

Basic route: Irifuneyama Memorial Museum (approx. 90 min. tour) => Hill Overlooking History (Rekishi-no-Mieru Oka) (approx. 20 min. tour) => Alley Karasukojima (approx. 30 min. tour)

Inquiries: Kure Tour Guide Volunteer Association (0823-23-7845)