Easy on the Wallet and Convenient – Travel Inside Kure City with the One-Day Kure Pass.

Kure Hands-on Experience

The One-Day Kure Pass gives you unlimited rides in central Kure on buses operated by Hiroshima Electric Railway. It also gives you special discounts at various tourist destinations in the city. You can purchase the One-Day Kure Pass at the Kure Tourist Information Plaza, Kure Hankyu Hotel, the museum shop at the Yamato Museum, or the Hiroshima Electric Railway’s sales office in Kure City.

Entrance Fee Discounts with the One-Day Kure Pass

Yamato Museum (Kure Maritime Museum)
Standard price: 500 yen
With the One-Day Kure Pass: 400 yen

Irifuneyama Memorial Museum
Standard price: 250 yen
With the One-Day Kure Pass: 200 yen

Kure Municipal Museum of Art
Standard price: 300 yen
With the One-Day Kure Pass: 240 yen 100 yen discount for special exhibitions

You can also receive discounts at affiliated restaurants and shops in Kure City.

A digital “24-hour Kure Pass” is also available. Please purchase the tickets at the digital ticketing site MOBIRY(https://www.mobiry.jp/). Purchases can only be made by credit card.

Telephone 0823-23-7845 (Kure Tourist Information Plaza), 0570-550-700 (Hiroshima Electric Railway Call Center).
URL https://www.city.kure.lg.jp/soshiki/67/1daykurepass.html