Kure Specialty Food, “Chicken Skin Stewed in Miso”

Kure Food Historic Place

Many chicken barbecue restaurants in Kure have a fish tank, so you can enjoy both tasty barbecue chicken and fresh seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea.

The most popular item on the menu, which local people recommend at food stalls, is Chicken Skin Stewed in Miso. 

The dish was introduced at food stalls in Kure City after WWII. 

It is said that the owners invented this specialty to mimic Doteyaki (slow-cooked beef tendon boiled in miso and mirin). 

Chicken skin stewed in miso is boiled in a variety of types of miso, kept secret by each individual stall owner. 

When you go to a stall, it is typical to order chicken skin stewed in miso as an appetizer accompanied by a beer.