Rengadori Brick Lane

Kure Spot of Interest

The liveliest shopping district in Kure City, Rengadori (Brick Lane) was given its name because the original street was paved entirely in bricks.
The popular shops and restaurants on Rengadori sell famous Kure delicacies such as hoso-udon (thin udon noodles), gansu (deep-fried breaded fish), as well as classic desserts and local souvenirs.
*Many shops on the Rengadori are shut on Tuesdays.

1) Hiroden Bus. Near the Nakadori Sanchome bus stop.
2) Hiroden Bus. A three-minute walk from Hondori Sanchome bus stop.

Five-minutes from the Kure IC on the Hiroshima-Kure Road.

10 minutes on foot from JR Kure Station.

Address 4-chōme Chūō Kure