Fude Brush Festival

Kumano Historic Place

Held every autumn since 1935, the Fude Brush Festival is Kumano Town’s biggest calendar event. It pays tribute to both the celebrated calligrapher Emperor Saga (786-842CE) and the enterprising villagers in Kumano who established the region’s brush-making industry nearly two hundred years ago.

In addition to large-scale calligraphy painting, a calligraphy competition, and ritualistically burning old brushes, Kumano brush makers come to the festival to sell their brushes at special discounted prices. The festival attracts over 50,000 visitors every year.

Address Held at the following locations in Kumano Town:
Sakakiyama Shrine
Kumano Junior High School
Fudenosato Kobo
Telephone 082-854-0216 (Fude Brush Festival Organizing Committee)
Period 10am – 5pm
URL http://www.fudematsuri.jp/index.html