Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter

Kure Food

The island of Kurahashijima was hit by the torrential rains and flooding that ravaged western Japan in July 2018. In an effort to help the region recover after the disaster, the islanders decided to create a new local delicacy to attract visitors. The result was the ‘Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter’.

One person central to the creation of the Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter was a Tokyo-based chef with ties to Hiroshima who runs an Italian restaurant in Daikanyama. He saw this as an opportunity to give something back to the region and helped the locals develop this special dish.

A key concept of the Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter is its flexibility – each islander can modify the dish and use whatever ingredients are in season. This means the dish is constantly evolving. The islanders are free to combine the Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter with any other dish, be it burgers or udon noodles. Kurahashijima’s local delicacy feels both new and nostalgic at the same time.

What makes Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter so special?
1) Ingredients
Traditional local seafood that has been eaten on the island for generations such as dog shark and red shrimps. Seasonal vegetables including Kurahashijima’s famous tomatoes.
2) Batter with chirimen baby sardines
The Kurahashijima Otakara Fritter comes with two batter options – a batter with smoked baby sardines and a batter with cheese and baby sardines.
3) Lemon tartar sauce
Enjoy the fritter with fresh tartar sauce made with local Kurahashijima lemons.