A Relaxing Bus Ride Across the Tobishima Kaido

Kure Hands-on Experience

The local bus service is a convenient way to access the Tobishima Kaido. Departing from the Chugoku Rosai Hospital near JR Shin Hiro Station, the route bus stops at JR Hiro Station, JR Nigata Station, Shimo Kamagari Island, Kami Kamagari Island, Toyoshima Island, and Osaki Shimojima Island before reaching its terminus at Osaki Shimojima’s Okitomo Tenmangu Shrine. Disembark at “Sannose” to visit Shimo-Kamagari’s famous Shotoen Garden and Museums or the Rantokaku Art Museum. To visit the historical harbor town of Mitarai, get off at “Mitarai-ko”. The number of stops a bus makes depends on its departure time, so make sure you check the timetable carefully before boarding.

(currently suspended)

You can also ride an express service direct from Hiroshima Bus Station. The final stop for this service is also Okitomo’s Tenmangu Shrine. The service stops at both JR Kure Station and JR Hiro Station and takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Please note, this service does not stop at Sannose. If you wish to visit Sannose, get off at “Shimo Kamagari Chugakko” (Shimo Kamagari Junior High School) and walk 15 minutes to Sannose.

Telephone 0823-70-7051 (Setouchi Sanko Bus), 0846-65-3531 (Sanyo Bus – Hiroshima Route)
Business Hours Please check the timetables on the website.
URL https://www.city.kure.lg.jp/soshiki/28/basuunnkoujoukyou.html