SEA PASEO – A Mini Cruise from Hiroshima to Kure

Kure Hands-on Experience

Whether you plan to travel from Hiroshima to Kure or Matsuyama to Kure, the sea can be an exciting and memorable way to get around. The Setonaikaikisen’s SEA PASEO began ferrying passengers on the Hiroshima–Kure–Matsuyama route in 2019. The SEA PASEO was selected by the Good Design Award in its 2019 Good Design Best 100 list. The concept for SEA PASEO is a ‘floating park’ that makes travel through the Seto Inland Sea as enjoyable as possible. It takes 45 minutes from Hiroshima Port and roughly 1 hour 55 minutes from Matsuyama Sightseeing Port to Kure Central Pier Terminal. Travelling on the SEA PASEO is a great way to turn a simple journey into an unforgettable part of your holiday. If you prefer to spend less time at sea, you can opt for the Super Jet – a faster ferry service that runs on the same routes.

Please visit Setonaikaikisen’s website for the SEA PASEO’s timetable. The SEA PASEO’s departure times vary depending on the time of day.

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