Kure’s Thin “Hoso-Udon” Noodles

Kure Food

Since the Meiji era (1868-1912), the port city of Kure has been home to the Kure Naval District and the Kure Naval Arsenal. People from all over Japan came to work in Kure at the naval facilities and by 1943 the population of the city had grown to over 400,000. These were busy times and because udon noodles could be consumed quickly in a short amount of time, they became very popular among the workers.

During the Meiji Period, the noodles started off being the usual thickness. However, to serve the noodles faster, people began to cut the noodles thinner. This meant the noodles could boil quicker and soak more thoroughly in the dashi soup. In postwar Kure, the thin noodles were used in okonomiyakis and they were sold in most supermarkets and shops.

When Kure citizens talk about udon noodles, they almost always mean thin “hoso-udon” noodles. Restaurants around the city serve “hoso-udon” so make sure you try some when you are here.

Address Shops serving hoso-udon can be found throughout the city.
Telephone 0823-25-7845 (Kure Tourist Information Plaza)