Hiroshima Prefectural Beach

Kure Hands-on Experience Spot of Interest

Hiroshima Prefectural Beach is a multi-purpose recreation facility, so visitors can enjoy not only marine sports such as swimming and sea kayaking but also play tennis and other sports on the ground.
The beautiful sand beach stretches along the coast, so it is chosen as one of Japan’s best 100 beaches. It is crowded with swimmers in summer.
Near the beach there are accommodations named Kagayaki no Yakata and cottages, a public bath with the name of Yasuragi no Yakata, an astronomical observation center and a facility where visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience of an ancient salt making method.
The astronomical observation center located on the hill extending from the beach is equipped with one of Japan’s biggest Maksutov telescopes, so you can gaze at the sky sprinkled with stars extending over the Seto Inland Sea


Address 7605, Oura, Kamagari-cho, Kure, Hiroshima
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