JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force) Kure Curry

Kure Food

Curry is served for lunch every Friday on vessels and ships of JMSDF. There are several reasons for this, but the theory that the crew spends a long time on the ship and looks forward to breaking the monotony is easy to understand. Each vessel and division has its own recipe, ingredients and flavors.
“JMSDF Kure Curry” is a term for the project; restaurants in Kure serve various types of curry which are actually provided on vessels belonging to Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Kure Base.
The restaurants which join the project learn the very same recipe directly from the vessel chef and recreate the taste. Then it is allowed to be served to customers after being approved by the captain.
This is a fun experience which can be enjoyed only in Kure. Please come to try the same meals as the ones served on JMSDF vessels.